Latino Families Targeted in Loan Modification Scam

Many families facing foreclosure assume that they cannot afford a real estate attorney. The fact remains that mistakes made during the foreclosure process often prove costlier than the price of retaining a lawyer. Recently, a number of Latino families in Southern California who needed loan modifications ended up losing their homes because they were targeted read more »

What is a Fiduciary Relationship?

Your finances and professional life can get flipped upside down if someone you trust rips you off. Once this happens, you have a choice to make. Should you move on and let him or her get away with it, or should you pursue legal action to recover your losses and prevent others from being victimized read more »

Tips When Considering Bankruptcy

If you are receiving calls from collection agencies, it is time to review your options. You may want to evaluate the opportunities available to you before you’ve fallen behind on payments. Bankruptcy, for example, is ideal for many consumers and small business owners who are facing debt that they simply cannot bear. Filing for bankruptcy read more »

Wrongful Foreclosure FAQ

If you believe that your home was foreclosed illegally, you can file a wrongful foreclosure civil action. There are many reasons why you may feel that your home was taken away through an act of fraud. There are many unscrupulous lenders, predatory foreclosure mediators, and foreclosure processing errors that have affected families in Orange County read more »

New Rewards for HAMP Borrowers

California Real Estate

The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was created to provide assistance to homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments. It provides meaningful savings for homeowners who have experienced reductions in income and unaffordable increases in expenses. Now, administration officials announce that borrowers who use HAMP will receive additional benefits if they continue to make read more »

What Is an Objection to Bankruptcy Discharge Action?

The point of filing for bankruptcy is to have your debts discharged. Bankruptcy is an effective way to get a clean slate and start over. There are times, however, when creditors do not want to issue a discharge of debt and request the bankruptcy court to deny the request. This is called an “Objection to read more »

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